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The App for Communities

A flexible platform that helps people stay connected within your organisationchurchcharityschooluniversitybusinessorganisationorganisation

CommunityLoop's powerful tools enable you to manage all of your organisation's communication needs within a single app.

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Create communities for your members to join

Spaces for people to stay connected

Customise the features for each community and quickly invite people by sending a link or scanning a QR code - no need to exchange personal details.

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Get people connected

Help people find their place with your Community Finder

It takes less than a minute for members to find your organisation and join communities that interest them - without having to fill out lengthy forms or provide any personal information.

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More than just a chat app

Streamline your communication

CommunityLoop has been designed with features that go far beyond a typical chat app. Efficiently send messages to multiple communities at the same time, broadcast announcements to feeds that anyone in your organisation can join, chat in private groups, send video messages, schedule messages to be published at a later date, conduct polls, and much more.

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Manage with ease

Stress-free community management and oversight

Your intuitive dashboard gives you complete control over who can create communities, manage memberships, make and delete posts, and more. CommunityLoop is designed to adapt to your needs as your organisation changes or grows.

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CommunityLoop admin


Including ChurchSuite and Planning Center


Members don't need to exchange personal information


Can be used on iOS, Android, or any web browser

Links and QR codes

It's easy to invite new members to communities

Expiring groups

Automatically delete temporary communities after use


Flexible permissions can work with your organisation

Our Story

Our founders met at a large church in London, where they saw the need for an app that could help them communicate more effectively with the various communities they were a part of. An app that didn't treat people like rows in a database, but that served as a useful tool to help them maintain authentic personal connections.

When they couldn't find anything, they decided to build it.

CommunityLoop has been designed as a communication platform. But at its heart, CommunityLoop is about using technology to help people feel genuinely connected into real-life communities.